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Life is a puzzle, its wonderful once all the pieces finally fit together.....


1-    We have a private, secure beautiful fenced in outdoor area with walking paths, gazebo for relaxing and gardens to enjoy. We are working with the local garden club and nurseries to work with our resident to plant our raised gardens.  There are also tables & chairs to enjoy the weather as the seasons change.

2. Family owned & operated.  Not owned by a large Corporate structure that is publicly traded.

3. We offer our resident’s families support groups as well as personal check-ups by our staff to see how they are adjusting to the changes of their loved ones.

4. Family and residents create a Memory Box to help guide the resident back to their apartment and assist in showcasing parts of their life that they may need help in remembering.

5. 24-hour Nursing.  At Meadow Mills, there is always an onsite Nurse to provide care, for medication assistance or in the event of an emergency.

6.  Hourly checks on all residents.  Because we are a dedicated Memory Care Community we believe in visual assessments and that hourly checks are vital to maintaining the safety and well-being of our residents. To us nothing will ever take the place of our own two eyes. 

7.  Our Director of Nursing personally creates (in conjunction with resident’s Primary Care Physician) individual care plans for each resident.    This plan is then sent to the family and reviewed with our staff to ensure open communication.   Any changes in a resident’s status is reflected in the care plan and the family is included in those changes.   Our clinical staff is available 24/7 to families. 

8. Cottages are designed with a home in mind.  Our purpose-built community was designed to showcase neighborhoods and not units.  It provides a home environment and very individual care, not just in their living spaces but also in their dining experience.   Each neighborhood will never have more than 15 residents, allowing us to focus on supporting each residents’ independence each day and at every turn.

9. We offer a specialized Life Experiences Department created to deliver activities based on everyone’s cognitive and physical abilities.   We don’t just want to “entertain” our residents we want to connect with them.  Life is about experiences and at Meadow Mills we don’t believe that the desire stops because we suffer from Memory Impairment, as such we provide an activity program for different levels of Dementia.

As a result, for those not able to participate in other planned excursions or events, we have designed a One-on-One sensory experience Cart.  This cart appeals to all the senses: touch, smell, taste and sound and is presented individually in the serenity of their own home.  Our staff first takes the time to meet with the family or resident to best understand which of their own senses would best connect with the resident’s engagement.   

These experiences include, listening to music, brushing their hair, massaging their hands or feet, aromatherapy, touching different textiles & food tasting.   At Meadow Mills we believe that nothing takes the place of human touch and a loving heart.  This exclusive experience only exists at Meadow Mills.

Following the validation method through empathy and respect, our validation practitioners help our residents with Alzheimer's and Dementia feel listened to and supported.  Meadow Mills is proud to offer our residents these unique experiences that engage our residents in life skills and addresses behaviors, especially sundowning. 

10.  According to the National Alzheimer's Association, people with Dementia do not need a special diet, but rather a well balanced nutritious diet that incorporates a variety of foods such as fruits, berries, basil, green leafy vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products and lean protein foods.  At Meadow Mills, we follow the suggestions from the National Alzheimer's Association and realize that basic nutrition can help boost a person with Dementia's health.  In January 2017, Meadow Mills is the proud recipient of the Pinnacle Customer Experience Award for outstanding Food and Dining Services. The Customer Experience Award is awarded to care providers who have achieved best-in-class customer satisfaction standards within their peer group and is a nationwide survey that is conducted of residents and families and chosen over 100’s of other Assisted Living and Memory Care.  Meadow Mills is very proud of their staff for achieving this honor.


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