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"Growing up in Milford Connecticut, my parents in real estate, I learned to "live & breathe" real estate early on! Previously affiliated with RE/MAX, Coldwell Banker, Raveis Real Estate and my family owned Real Estate Company, Hometown Realty Assoc, LLC forced to close due to the death of my Mom, a Milford Connecticut real estate agent for over 28 years! Having been my Father's caregiver, I understand your concerns for your Loved one and the need to find great care and a safe environment for your Parents or Family member.

No Longer Daddy's Little Girl- Dementia Created A New Role For Me. By Lisa Basque, Expert Author by Ezine Articles.  Published Feb 5, 2015

Shortly after my Mom passed away, I had become her "substitute" for my Father. I remembered how much my Mom had done for my Father, but I did not realize how much she actually did till I saw how lost my Dad was without her. A short time afterwards, I had become my Father's conservator so that I could help him with his decisions for his health and finances.

I knew something wasn't right with his health and since I wasn't up to date with his health condition, I made some appointments and brought him for check-ups. He had some dementia starting and he did have Prostate cancer. I then took him to many medical appointments and helped him decide the best route to take for treatment. He chose radiation treatments and after 9 weeks, he was cancer free.

I continued on with helping my Father with daily decisions and I thought a lot about the role that I was thrown into. With my own family, work and the added stress, I can look back now and wonder how I did it all. I was no longer Daddy's little girl and it is hard to describe exactly what I had become. I would visit with my Father daily, do his cleaning, laundry and cooking, take him to his appointments, grocery shop for him and also talk with him and sometimes we would play cards too. We would talk about current events and I would get his dinner ready every day after working a whole day myself and before going home to make dinner for my family.

I knew that I needed to take the bull by the horns and that I needed to make decisions for him and help him to see that those were the best decisions. Now that I work in the senior living industry, I know what sons and daughters don't realize is that they need to help their Parents make decisions and in some cases, they need to make decisions for them. I all too often see adult children like myself trying to appease their Parents, thinking that they can make decisions by themselves. I'm not saying all seniors can't make decisions by themselves, but seniors with dementia, especially early onset dementia do not make good decisions for themselves, as I have learned firsthand from experience. Whether it is making suggestions and re-emphasizing those suggestions, maybe several times over a couple weeks or discussing the best route and then helping them to realize it, or just making the decision for them, when your Parents can no longer make the best decisions, we as children have to make them for them.

How it all ended:  My dad passed away from Alzheimer's Disease in October of 2015.  I am glad that along his journey he ended up getting great care from Masonicare in Wallingford.  Not a day goes by that I don't miss my Dad's smile and corney jokes. Had I found a place such as Meadow Mills, in Hamden CT, he would have lived there.

Lisa is now Director of Community Relations, Meadow Mills Assisted Living Memory Care, 153 Leeder Hill Rd, Hamden, CT 06517 and can be reached at
Article Source:   By Lisa Basque, Expert Author by EzineArticles.  This article was published Feb 5, 2015 at